It’s more simple than it sounds however it is essential for an easy wedding. Keep a journal in which you can record important dates and details. Keep a folder for the wedding papers, which include invitations and final payments. If you’re a Type A personality, consider hiring an event planner. If you’re not, follow these steps to plan your wedding and enjoy a an unhurried wedding.

If you are a Type A personality, then hire a wedding planner
If you’re a Type-A personality, hiring an event planner is crucial. You might be a Type A person who is meticulous and organized. This can result in you being concerned about the tiny things and ignoring the most important things. Fortunately, this trait is highly desirable. Here are a few reasons why you should think about hiring a wedding planner

It is important to have the experience! It’s important to make sure that the wedding planner you select has experience in the industry. Find out how long they’ve been in business and how many weddings planned they’ve planned. Also, ask what positive testimonials they have and how many similar weddings they’ve planned. Ask if they have any experience planning weddings similar to yours, and if their style is similar to yours. If the planner you choose is a recommendation, be sure you check their professional insurance and resume prior to hiring them.

Invest in a realistic budget
A realistic budget for your wedding is key for a stress-free event. A budget should include five percent cushion to cover unexpected expenses. Unexpected expenses can range from flowers to unusually cold weather or hot weather to space heaters and additional shade. Minor accidents, such as the removal of spots from the dress, must also be taken into consideration. A wedding can be a costly occasion, so you don’t want to be caught with enough money to pay for everything.

When you are planning your wedding, it is crucial to think about your budget. It should be realistic and reflect your priorities. If you are passionate about a particular aspect of the event, you can spend more. Some couples will spend more on food and flowers, or even videography, while others might opt to save on these items. It’s not a problem to stress about money if you have an achievable budget.

Create a to-do list
A list of tasks to be completed for tackling wedding planning will help you avoid stress. A to-do list can seem difficult when it’s long however it’s less intimidating when you break it up into segments. Setting deadlines and rewards to complete tasks can ease stress. Talk about your wedding plans with your spouse and your friends to ensure you both can make decisions and keep each other up-to-date on the development.

You must have a strategy for makeup and hair appointments. It is important to plan for hair and makeup touches, particularly for the bridal hair and makeup. Be sure to allow enough time for the wedding party to get their hair and makeup done. For grooms, arrange an appointment with a barber for the morning of the wedding for the groomsmen and arrive early for the reception. Once the timeline has been established, you must inform the bridal party as well as your wedding planner so they can ensure that they stay on schedule and complete their tasks.

Avoid unnecessary ideas and items when planning a wedding
If you want to be a stress-free bride keep away from the endless, unnecessary ideas and things that can add unnecessary stress and pressure to the event. It’s about you and your partner and not trying to be perfect as everyone else. Weddings are emotional events Therefore, don’t compare yourself to those on your guest list. Avoid wedding websites for inspiration. recently conducted a survey of 500 newlyweds and engaged couples. It found that 96% were anxious about their wedding planning. It’s not surprising that many of these couples are spending thousands of dollars to throw a celebration for 120 guests. You’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of ideas and wedding things available.

Invest in a healthy diet
Planning a wedding is exciting, stressful, and fun. It’s impossible to afford not to take good care of your health. It’s a stressful time that can impact your physical, mental, as well as emotional health. Although you might not be able to take the time off for a vacation, it’s essential to follow a healthy diet to maintain your energy levels as well as reduce your stress levels during the planning process. Here are some tips for staying healthy while planning your wedding.

Take care of your body and mind. You’ll need energy to make your wedding planning to be a success. Exercise is a great method to relieve stress and increase endorphins. Try signing up to an online personal trainer service like HipTrain, which offers training without having a partner. Your body will be thankful for it. Don’t forget to have fun!

Hire a day of coordinator if enjoy the process of engagement
A day of coordinator is a great alternative if you like the process of arranging your wedding but don’t have enough time to plan the entire wedding. You can count on them to make your wedding stress-free and enjoyable. They will be there to assist you in setting up and any other issues that may arise. Their knowledge and expertise is available. You can also engage an event coordinator if you already have an event planner. They can assist you with the planning of your wedding.

The wedding coordinator for the day is responsible for ensuring that everything goes smoothly on the big day. They are responsible for managing the vision and timeline and ensure that the bride and her guests have a memorable day. The day coordinator for the wedding will also serve as a liaison between the wedding vendor and the bride and bride, resolving any issues before they occur. The coordinator will be in contact with you approximately a month before your wedding to manage all vendor communication.